The 201

21 Jun

Feels like a sauna
Moist booty touched my shoulder
Crowded city bus


26 Jan

Wild, desperate search.
Feeling powerless, frantic.
Where art thou, cell phone?


15 Jan

4 AM. Can’t sleep
A foodie insomniac
With dreams of breakfast


22 Jul

Called a darbuka–
Exciting rhythms and beats,
Doubles as a seat.

Coşar, (drummer, BaBa ZuLa), his newspaper, and his drum at the airport

*darbuk-alye: Darbuka (drum) + sandalye (chair)

Taking off

21 Jul

Flying to Cyprus
For a single performance. . .
Beyoncé status.


Roommate Haiku

12 Feb

Roommate is away
With one of a few boyfriends
Alone, I rejoice.

About me haiku

5 Feb

I’ve never been dumped.
Once they’ve got me, won’t let go.
Been rejected, though.