The 201

21 Jun

Feels like a sauna
Moist booty touched my shoulder
Crowded city bus


26 Jan

Wild, desperate search.
Feeling powerless, frantic.
Where art thou, cell phone?


15 Jan

4 AM. Can’t sleep
A foodie insomniac
With dreams of breakfast


22 Jul

Called a darbuka–
Exciting rhythms and beats,
Doubles as a seat.

Coşar, (drummer, BaBa ZuLa), his newspaper, and his drum at the airport

*darbuk-alye: Darbuka (drum) + sandalye (chair)

Taking off

21 Jul

Flying to Cyprus
For a single performance. . .
Beyoncé status.


Roommate Haiku

12 Feb

Roommate is away
With one of a few boyfriends
Alone, I rejoice.

About me haiku

5 Feb

I’ve never been dumped.
Once they’ve got me, won’t let go.
Been rejected, though.

Secret Observation Haiku

30 Jan

her boyfriend’s distrust

infuriates my roommate

even though she lies

I’m not impressed

20 Jan

Don’t patronize me.
Your English stinks, anyway
We are in Turkey

Lesson in Haiku

9 Jan

Lesson for the day:
Never let a lunatic
Make you crazy, too