Archive | August, 2010

Facebook haiku

23 Aug

You befriended me
to chat me up at midnight?
I don’t know you, man.


And when I rode the train

22 Aug

Strong man on Amtrak,
I nearly lost my arm when
You shook me awake

Greyhound Trip

22 Aug

My July 4th trip to New York on the bus inspired me to haiku. . .

Sweaty folks shouting
Everybody is pissed off
Boarding the Greyhound.

Driver v rider.
Driver calls the cops, what the–?
Will we ever leave?

Power struggle brews
Between two broke, loud, grown men
We all must suffer.

This bus is freezing
Mean driver hates his job, so
I dare not complain.

My pal from high school is also my 24 hour mechanic

21 Aug

Eddie fixed my car!
Eddie is the best ever!
Eddie, marry me!*

*just kidding

Quit peeking under my hood!

21 Aug

All are curious
No one’s really gonna help
My car is smoking

On second thought. . .

19 Aug

Funny haiku blog?
Such a limiting topic.
Regular blog here.

Garden House Haiku

18 Aug

Lil homeless woman
She comes into our garden
to steal tomatoes