Secret Observation Haiku

30 Jan

her boyfriend’s distrust

infuriates my roommate

even though she lies


I’m not impressed

20 Jan

Don’t patronize me.
Your English stinks, anyway
We are in Turkey

Lesson in Haiku

9 Jan

Lesson for the day:
Never let a lunatic
Make you crazy, too

Elizabeth’s Birthday Haiku

12 Sep

Liz, it’s your birthday.
You’re another year wiser.
Thank goodness for you.

Sore Bum–A Cautionary Haiku

4 Sep

A third glass of wine

A winding marble staircase

Next time, walk–don’t run.

Brighter times ahead

30 Aug

Suffer through today.
It’s almost tomorrow now.
You’ve nearly made it.

Sad Haiku

25 Aug

You loved me so much
and it was suffocating
but I miss it now.